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Maintenance, Q&A, Tips and Tricks

Many of our customers have told us they still have their bells after 20, 30 and even 40 years. Our bell bodies are designed to last many years with little maintenance, but can last decades with some basic maintenance. This guide will discuss what we suggest for general maintenance for that long lasting bell. This quick reference guide also will answer the most often asked questions in reference to our bells, which includes trouble shooting guidelines. We do repair our bells and offer replacement windcatchers and bell chains, but will not sell or send individual components to our bells. If this guide does not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us at 207-677-2224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Troubleshooting and Damage Assessment

Why isn’t my bell ringing, my bell won’t ring, why won’t it move?

Our bells are made from a heavy gauge steel and require more wind that most other types of windchimes. The following is a list of questions and answers we will ask you, when troubleshooting your bell. This helps us in getting a visual to help you get your bell ringing.

o What is the name of your bell, and what is your windcatcher? If you do not know the name of your bell, locate the stickers on the hammer of the bell or measure the bell from below the ring (at the apex) straight down to the center of the panel.

o Is your windcatcher attached? This is the piece that hangs beneath your bell, that catches the wind-causing your bell to ring. If your windcatcher is missing, this is the reason your bell is not ringing.

o Is your windcatcher the appropriate size? Our larger bells require larger windcatchers. If the bell was purchased directly from our workshop or our gift shop it will have the correct sized windcatcher. If your bell was purchased from one of our other online partners or one of our friendly Gift Shop vendors, the size may not be correct. Please give us a call if you are unsure 207-677-2224.

o Does the rod and hammer swing freely? The rod and hammer is the piece on the inside that rings the bell. This piece should be able to swing freely. If not, is there anything on the inside obstructing it from movement (Packing paper, Hornets/Birds nest). If the rod is not moving, give us a call at 207-677-2224.

o Where is your bell hung? Wind is a tricky issue, 360° of open access wind is preferred. Buildings (such as houses) block at least half your wind. Remember, these bells require more wind, than most other types of windchimes. Plants, trees and low shrubbery have the same effect. This can be solved by relocating your bell a few inches (left, right, up or down) to all the way a crossed your yard or house.

o How is your windcatcher moving? Is your windcatcher moving in small circles? If so, this means moving the bell slightly, until the windy sweet spot is found. If it is not moving at all, consider relocating your bell to a different area.

If you have gone through this list, and you are still unable to get your bell ringing, give us a call at 207-677-2224.

Other tips and tricks that have worked for other customers, that may also work:

o Extending the bell from a long rope. This caused the bell and windcatcher to blow in the breeze.

o Extending the length of the windcatcher chain. Though this is not something we would recommend, some customers have had luck with this trick.

o Checking the status of your bell’s inner parts. We have had several customers report naughty neighbors sabotaging their bells ☹. Cutting out the rod and hammer, putting black felt around the black hammer (to soften the noise), shoving debris inside the bell to restrict movement, and more.

o Have a tip that worked for you, send us an email and let us know! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why is the rod and hammer (Pendulum, donger, striker…) not centered?

Depending on which bell you have, the rod and hammer may not be centered. This is because many of our bells offer several different tones. This means that a different gauge steel was used to give a different sound. When using a heavier gauge for 1 panel, the free moving rod and hammer, is going to naturally list to the heavier side of the bell. This should not affect the ringing of your bell. If it does, we do have a couple tips to offer:

o You may need to push the panel in or out, ever so slightly to offer a little more distance. This may not work in all cases.

o If you bell is only ringing one panel, the heavier panel, this may be easily solved, by rearranging the chain, so the bell is hanging opposite how is was. This is in hopes that the wind will push the windcatcher, and Rod and hammer, to the other panels. You may also need to relocate the bell, to an area where the wind is a little stronger.

o If relocating the bell does not work, give us a call 1-207-677-2224.

Why does my bell sound clanky or like Tin?

If your bell fell, or was hit by an object, or was jostled, chances are there is a panel touching another panel. What this means, is that the vibrations the bell needs to ring, is obstructed by the touching of the panels. This is easily solved by gently pulling the 2 panels apart ever so slightly. If this does not solve the issue, give us a call at 207-677-2224.

Why is my bell rusting, why is my windcatcher rusting?

Many of our bells have been around for 20 years, a few customers have even stated 30-40 years. Our bell bodies are made from a heavy gauged recycled steel and are made to last. The chains, rod, and windcatchers are made from a lighter steel (this is to allow for greater movement of these parts for play). Rusting (or a fine patina as we like to call it) is part of steel’s nature. The powder coating should last many years of weathering; however, everybody’s environment is different. If you live near the Salt Water, or where there is lots of humidity, chances are the bells will weather faster. We highly recommend clear coating your bell if you prefer this factory look. We recommend a spray Rust-oleum. Try not to spray the way inside of your bell, as this may prevent the movement of the rod and hammer. We also highly recommend spray coating your windcatcher, as this is made from a much lighter steel to allow movement in the wind.

My Windcatcher is missing, can I buy a new one?

Absolutely, we have over 100 designed windcatchers, that are all interchangeable. Most windcatchers come in at least 2 sizes, and only a few choices come in 3 sizes or only 1 size. Go to our website and select the Windcatcher Page to see our entire selection. We also offer a Free Replacement Triangle Windcatcher for our Wind Bells, the cost of shipping is currently set at $7.95.

Do you Repair your Bells, Refurbish, Send replacement parts?

Yes, we do repair our bells. We do require bells to be sent to us, as most repairs must be in shop. • Rod and Hammer: The cost to replace a Rod & Hammer is $20 plus return shipping (this includes the Rod & Hammer, New Top Chain, and a new Triangle windcatcher).

• Top Ring rusted through: The cost to replace a top ring is set at $25 and must be sent to us, as our welder will have to break the bell apart to replace this piece (shipping as described before will also need to be covered). If your top ring is bent from a fall, you can take a pair of pliers (pad the pliers to protect the powder coating), and strong arm your ring back into position. Do this slowly to not stress the metal.

• Bell Panels: The cost to replace a broken panel will vary depending on the current cost of steel and the size required for you bell. Please call for assistance on this issue.

• Refurbish: We often get asked to refurbish a bell back to its like new condition. This is something that can be accomplished at home with a wire brush and any outdoor spray paint. This is something that could be done in house, however the cost to refurbish a bell often is more than a new bell would be.

• Bell Parts: No, we will not sell or send you individual components of our bells, except for the interchangeable windcatchers and top chain.

• Damage that does not fall under any of the previously mentioned: If your bell is in a fire (it happened and it survived 😊), flattened for any reason (it happened…and we fixed it 😊), or other, give us a call at 207-677-2224 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Pictures always help us diagnose the damage to your bells.

Shipping, Sales Tax, Returns


We are currently shipping in 7 business days. If you have any questions, give us a call! All orders shipped via UPS Ground or U.S. Priority Mail. We strive to ship our orders within 48 hours or less as we craft everything in our shop! Shipping is flat rate $18.95 within the Contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).  Please Email (prefer) or call us with complete name and address for a shipping quote outside of the Contiguous U.S.

Sales Tax

All sales within the State of Maine only are charged Maine sales tax of 5.50%.

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with the product(s) you ordered, please notify us within 7 days of receiving your order by calling 207-677-2224 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will then give you instructions on how to return the product.  The customer  is responsible for return shipping cost. All returned products must be in saleable condition for refund to be issued.  All refunds are pending until final inspection of product is complete. If your return is denied upon receipt, we will ship the product back to you at your cost. If the product was damaged in shipment or defective we will cover shipping costs to return the item.

If the customer needs to exchange an item, they will be responsible for the shipping cost to return the original item. The customer will also be responsible for the cost of shipping the exchanged item back to them.

A 25% restocking fee will apply to all returned or exchanged items. This fee will be deducted from the refund total. The reason for this is due to the necessity of the cost of labor and time to re-package the item. We have provided a guide on how to repackage your bell, to help reduce damage in return shipping. 

Re-Packing Instructions


We will never allow others to possess your name, address, etc. for any purpose whatsoever.


We'll never use your mailing address or your email address unless you ask us to (i.e. - you ask us to advise you of product availability). And we'll never give away or sell our shoppers list to anyone.

Corporate Sales

We easily entertain large volume orders. Please email or call us advising what your wishes might be, and we will either call or email to discuss all issues regarding your order and pricing information. Ideas are maybe a logo or a special design for the windcatchers on our bells.

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