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In the years we have been in business, we have influenced a lot of people's lives. It is very rewarding to receive the many stories and comments for all of the inspiration and hard work that goes into the creation of our work!

Here is the place where some of our customers say thank you and share their rewards! 

Just received our new Cape Cod bell, this is the second chime we have. My husband received one as a birthday present that was intended for our Cape Cod vacation home, but we loved it so much that we have it at our primary resident in Medfield, MA.
Now we have one for the Cape, can't wait to hang it up this weekend. You have a great product. We look forward to giving your chimes as gifts in the future.
-Janet C.

We are so pleased with our “new” Smoky Mountain Bell. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have companies like yours, which still believe in customer service and customer satisfaction. We are truly thankful to you for sending us our bell. We really enjoy our bells. We have a big Oak tree in our back yard, fairly close to the house, and we’ve been having windy weather, so the music from those bells is so beautiful and relaxing. We will continue to add more or your bells, as we have more trees to “decorate” with beautiful music. Again, thank you so much and have a wonderful and blessed spring!

 Just a note to express my heartfelt thanks at the amazement and joy I am receiving from the wind chime my companion and her family purchased from your workshop. The wind chime is absolutely magnificent with its intriguing and melodic tones, as well as haunting as your carton states. As soon as I opened the package I immediately went outside to hang it up, then spent hours listening to the enjoyable melodies. The sounds produced takes me back to the years I spent in Bangor, a few short blocks from the Penobscot and the sounds its buoy produced-especially when the fog came in. My sincere thanks, appreciation and utter pleasure your wonderfully creative art work provides.
-Thomas H.

 I wanted to let you know that the “Puget Sound” chime was PERFECT. It was a gift for my mother and she absolutely loves it. Great product and it was packaged correctly! A lot of companies don’t take the time.
–Matt G.

I purchased one of your bells and took it as a gift to our friends in Italy…they absolutely loved it! We are purchasing a second bell and sending it to a church in Rome, Italy. The church, within the walls of Rome, is St. Paul’s. It was the first non-Roman Catholic Church built within the walls of Rome. Our involvement is that the second rector of our church, here in Pennsylvania, went over to Rome in the late 1860’s and built this magnificent church (one of the current members over there is Peter Rockwell, Norman Rockwell’s son!) The bell’s melodic tones have been the topic of many conversation, and have been producing smiles on many faces here and in Italy. Thank you so much!
-Dave P.

I am writing to you for having such a wonderful imagination. While my mother and I were on an overnight vacation to a quaint little town called LaConner, WA, we went into a shop on the waterfront and in the back we heart beautiful chiming sounds. We discovered your Wind Bells! I have been searching for over two years-something really different in wind bells for our patio at the back of our house, and nothing pleased me until I found your treasured bells. My Mother’s father was an old seaman and we just fell in love with the bells you made. We bought the Cape Cod bell. We hung it up immediately when we returned home. In Vancouver we usually get a breeze in the late afternoon and were thrilled to hear the bell and its soothing tone. It really does put a smile on your face, doesn’t it? I wanted to thank you for creating such a great idea. I know I will have it forever and will let my imagination flow out to Maine, so far from the waterfront of Vancouver. Congratulations and GOOD ON YOU!
-Penny N.

I know that this reply is late and the bell has already been delivered (very quickly, I might add) and my niece was delighted. She said she had been wanting one, but there was always something else that she needed. She said that the quality of the bell was so much better than the replicas that she had seen before. Thank you again for helping to make her first house a place she can call home.
-Susan B.

I wanted to let you know, a story about my grandfather and three of your original bells. He had purchased three of your original bells 20 plus years ago, and had hung them in the trees. I remember playing with them as a kid, seeing how loud I could get them. Sadly as he aged, and eventually passed away, the bells were forgotten. At some point, the wind catchers had fallen off and the bells had become silenced. Recently, while cleaning out some old brush, I heard a familar sound as I ripped some dead branches from a dense growth. The three bells my grandfather had hung, were still hanging in the trees, and as I continued to rip branches out, the hammers rang the bells. The bells all have a lovely patina now, adding a whole new characteristic to them. I have replaced the wind catchers, and the breeze seems to ring the bells softly throughout the day, bringing back memories of my childhood and grandfather. I thought you might like to know, that these bells are still hanging and ringing after years of enduring the weather.
-Sarah S.

 .....I just want to say that I received my order yesterday of the Nantucket Bell, buoy windcatcher, and scroll hanger. Your product has exceeded all of my expectations in every way!!! It is of superb quality and workmanship, and this Christmas gift for my dear friends will thrill them fo ryears to come. Thank you so very much for your exceptional product and service. You need to reach a wider market so that others may enjoy your unique line of special bells, et al. I saw your product in the latest Yankee Magazine and am hopeful others see it in other publications as well. Keep up the good work!!!
Jackie G. of Vermont

 Dear Davidsons...Well, the bell is a GREAT HIT!!! Jake absolutely loves it and the lobster windcatcher!

In Case you're interested, my mother and father were in Bar Harbor many years ago and shipped home lots of lobster on ice to us kids. Now you know the 'why' of the lobster wind catcher.

Many, many thanks again for all your help.
K Booth

 Dear Sirs,

Just wanted you to know I received my new Wilderness Bell today. The craftsmanship and the quality of the bell is outstanding. I can tell I will have many years of enjoyment out of it. I saw them for sale last summer in the Smokey Mountain area but I decided to wait and research them on the computer before I actually bought one. I am so glad I easily found your owrk on line. It is more beautiful than I even remembered. And the sound is so peaceful and pleasant. Thank you so much for your quick shipping and extra care you took with packaging. I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Many thanks,
L. Belcher


I generally find wind chimes irritating, but in a recent walk in my shore neighborhood of Ventnor City, New Jersey, I heard a very haunting and distant harbor bell gently ringing in what I thought was the distance. The sound reminded me of growing up in New York's Staten Island where heading into the Manhattanon Ferry, I would hear the soft and haunting sound of the bell buoys in the distance warning of the channels end.

Hearing the sound, I sought out the origin to find a large, wind chime bell on the porch of a neighbor. I wanted one just like it, so I knocked on the door. She remembered she bought it years ago in Cape May in a long gone shop.

I searched the internet and found you! Thank you!
G. Zielinski


I received the free triangle windcatcher today and I am writing to thank you. Also, I was stopped in traffic today and a small local shop had one of your bells on a display outside. So, of course, I had to go in and buy another one as I keep giving mine away as gifts. Thanks for your excellent customer care.

 Dear Folks,

I have been meaning to write to say thank you and tell you how much Dave and I enjoy our beautiful new Sea Gong which we received in early May of this year. Last Christmas we purcased the Bar Harbor Bell which hangs outside our bedroom window upstairs. Soothing is the only word I can use to describe this bell. We live on the California coast in Santa Cruz County so we get a lot of wind and breezes from the ocean. Our Sea Gong hangs downstairs by our front door and while I am out front gardening I am kept company by the beautiful deep sounds it produces.

We are going to be buying a third bell for our back yard and you can bet it will be a North Country Wind Bell! We keep going back to the Internet and listening to your sample sounds. Soon.....

Thank you once again,
Dan & Michelle
Aptos, California


best one of jack feller

This was a fun email we received complete with an image! It was from our friend Jack Feller in the midwest. He shared his great idea as follows:

The entire bird feeder pole and setup has a little wiggle in it. When the birds leave the feeder they really "jump" off the feeder into flight! This causes enough movement of the rig to ring the bell. It's great!
Regards, Jack


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